Recruitment Workshops


The cost of poor recruitment decisions is staggering, often as much as 5 times a person's salary when you take into account things like advertising, interview preparation, a fresh round of interviewing, re-training, staff shadowing and mentoring, morale - in short, the focus, attention, time and expertise that is required a second time around.


The Inspire workshop helps companies improve recruitment at every step, looking at:

  • The High Costs associated with Recruitment

  • The 10 Most Common Recruitment Mistakes

  • The 4 Key Components of an Effective Hiring Stragegy

  • Job Spec, Skills Specs and Personality Specifications

  • Perfect Person Identification

  • Skills versus Knowledge versus Attitude

  • Attracting The RIght Candidates

  • The 13 Candidate Motivations

  • Effective Interviewing

  • Effective Onboarding Programmes